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Types of network security

Today, almost every apartment has a home network, which connects stationary computers, laptops, data storage (NAS), media players, smart TVs, as well as smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices. Either wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi) connections and TCP / IP protocols are used. With the development of IoT technologies, household appliances – refrigerators, coffee makers, air conditioners, and even wiring equipment – have entered the Network. Thanks to the Smart Home solutions, we can control the brightness of lighting, remotely adjust the indoor climate, turn on and off various devices – this makes life easier, but it can create serious problems for the owner of advanced solutions.


Unfortunately, the developers of such devices are not yet sufficiently concerned about the safety of their products, and the number of vulnerabilities found in them is growing like mushrooms after rain. There are frequent cases when after entering the market the device ceases to be supported – for example, in our TV, the firmware of 2016 based on Android 4 is installed and the manufacturer is not going to update it. The guests add problems: it is inconvenient to deny them access to Wi-Fi, but I would not want to let anyone into their cozy network either. Who knows what viruses can settle in other people’s mobile phones? All this leads us to the need to divide the home network into several isolated segments. Let’s try to figure out how to do this, as they say, with little blood and with the lowest financial costs.


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Infrastructure Engineer


A framework engineer expected set of responsibilities will incorporate refreshing equipment required for support of servers and the system, fixing any system and network gives that could manifest, distinguishing framework and application issues, and guaranteeing the smooth progression of information and voice all through the association.

IT foundation engineers deal with the security of PC frameworks and between application data moves. They guarantee ideal uptime for complete system administrations and servers, build up models to keep up and arrange whole work area and portable PCs. The specialist likewise improves, plans limit, and structure for foundation designing ventures, It is significant for them to guarantee adequate system repetition to satellites or distribution centers.

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sd wan definition

SDN and NFV allow you to simplify network configuration, scale networks and services on demand, automate network management, increase the capacity of the physical infrastructure by overlaying virtual, reduce CAPEX and OPEX , and in the future - quickly reconfigure the business for current tasks.


The first large SDN was implemented in 2012 by Google based on its own design of switches. Thus, she managed to remove those restrictions that are inherent in the solutions used by traditional operators. Traffic is redirected between the data centers as it is convenient and profitable at the moment. In addition to Google, SDN technology is used by NTT, Pertino, AT&T, Telecom Italia and several other companies.


Two strategic directions for the implementation of SDN, NFV and clouds are emerging. The first is related to improving network efficiency and service flexibility. The main goal is to reduce network operating costs and reduce time to market. The second is aimed at taking advantage of a combination of new business opportunities. The goal in this case is different - the formation of new differentiated cloud services and dynamic, depending on the current demand profile, their provision. The first path goes to companies such as the German Deutsche Telekom and the Spanish Telefonica, the second - Japanese NTT and American AT&T.


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Technical support analyst salary

Technical support analyst salary

The essential mechanism to understand getting help from tech support analyst is the quantity of detail you require to supply them.
Initial system administration skills (Windows XP - 7, Server 2000 - 2008),system registry, services, IIS, MS SQL Server.Courtesy, sociability, sociability, learning ability.

Technical Support Analysts on average earn $55,537 per year when working as a full-time employee.Freelance support analysts are also well rewarded depending on experience level.

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sd wan companies

sd wan companies

Just as server virtualization separates virtual servers running on the underlying physical hardware, WAN virtualization can also use many connection technologies (xDSL, MPLS, cellular and fiber) at the same time under a single virtual WAN connection (internet or closed private network), but the application and users it shows as a single internet or secure VPN connection.
In network structures using SD-WAN, WAN connection status and quality can be monitored and these measurements can be used to make smart decisions in traffic flows. This structure provides many benefits:
Real-time services such as VoIP and video can be sent over the lowest latency connection.
- Smart failover and active / active connection definitions can be used to guarantee reliability even when there is a problem with a WAN connection.
- New WAN connections can be added as many times as needed to provide flexibility.
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